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Pastura Sonubait Match kg.2

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Sonubait Match kg.2

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Match method mix is one of the most popular groundbaits in the Sonu range.
That can only mean one thing! It is a proven fish catcher!
The blend of crushed pellets and additives that make up this groundbait is a winning combination that has seen match and pleasure angler alike take huge bags of fish.
A winner for Carp, Bream and Tench it is at home on a method feeder or with a pole cup.
Also available in a dark version for those clear, tough venues, match method has turned into a real all rounder.

England International Des Shipp played a big part in the design of this groundbait. 
Des commented,
"Match Method is an absolute winner, it's my go to groundbait for the method feeder, but I have also taken winning catches of all species when combined with Worms and casters"

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